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Are you tired of searching high and low for a reliable water treatment company right here in Palestine, Texas? Look no further because at Palestine Water Treatment, we’ve got your water needs covered. 


About Us

At Palestine Water Treatment, our story is rooted in family, dedication, and a profound love for clean, healthy water. With decades of experience, we’ve grown up understanding the value of clean, safe, and healthy water. You could say this industry is a family business, and our commitment to excellence runs in our veins.

We’re not just a business – we’re a family with a deep-rooted history in the water treatment industry dating back to 1987. Clean water isn’t just our profession; it’s our passion.

Our journey is a story of dedication, experience, and a heartfelt commitment to our community. We know the value of a glass of water that’s not just safe to drink but a source of pure satisfaction. Join us in our mission to ensure that clean, healthy water flows through every tap in Palestine, Texas. Palestine Water Treatment – where clean, pure water is a way of life.

Our Water Treatment Services

Residential and Commercial Water Treatment

Our water treatment solutions ensure your water is free from impurities and contaminants for both residential and commercial properties in Palestine and nearby areas.

Residential and Commercial Drinking Water Purification

We offer advanced reverse osmosis systems that not only purify your drinking water but also reduce high sodium levels, making it safer and more enjoyable to consume.

Well Water Treatment & Purification

Our well water treatment solutions are tailored to remove impurities and contaminants, ensuring your well water is safe, clean, and reliable for communities within a 50-mile radius of Palestine.

Hard Water Treatment

Say goodbye to the problems caused by hard water, from scale buildup to appliance damage, as our treatment solutions effectively soften your water.

Iron/Sulfur (Rotten Egg Smell) Treatment

We eliminate the unpleasant odor and staining caused by iron and sulfur in your water, ensuring it smells fresh and tastes clean for communities in and around Palestine.

Bacterial Water Treatment (UV Treatment Technology)

Our cutting-edge UV technology removes harmful bacteria and microorganisms from your water supply, making it safe for drinking and everyday use in Palestine and the 50-mile radius.

Ask About Your Free Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

As a special promotion, we invite you to ask us about how you can receive your free Reverse Osmosis drinking water. It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing Palestine Water Treatment and taking the first step toward a healthier, better-hydrated lifestyle.

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Local Expertise

We understand the unique water challenges faced by Palestine residents because we live here too. Our local knowledge sets us apart.

Experienced Professionals

With decades of experience in the water treatment industry, we bring unmatched expertise to every project.

Family Values

We treat every customer like family. Honesty, integrity, and respect are at the core of our business.

Experienced Professionals

With decades of experience in the water treatment industry, we bring unmatched expertise to every project.

Community Commitment

We're proud to support and serve the Palestine community. Your satisfaction is our priority.

We Bring Clean Water to Palestine, Texas

Our motivation is simple: we’re passionate about clean water. We believe that every glass of water you drink should be healthy, refreshing, and free from impurities. It’s not just about doing business; it’s about making a difference in the lives of our neighbors. We’re dedicated to ensuring that your water is not only safe but also tastes great.

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A Local Solution for Local Needs

When we looked for a water treatment company local to Palestine, we realized something was missing – a dedicated local provider who truly understands the unique water challenges faced by our community. That’s why we decided to step in and fill that void. Palestine Water Treatment is born out of a desire to serve our fellow residents and businesses right here in Palestine, providing you with the quality water solutions you deserve.

Experience the difference with Palestine Water Treatment

Your source for pure, healthy water.

At Palestine Water Treatment, we’re more than just a water treatment company; we’re your local partner in the quest for clean, healthy water. Join our growing family of satisfied customers and experience the difference that local expertise, family values, and a passion for clean water can make. Contact us today to start enjoying the water quality you deserve.

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